Kamal El Rassi

Mindset, Business, and Leadership Coach

Author, Speaker, Proctor Gallagher Consultant certified in facilitating training in TIR

Kamal helps CEO's, VP's, and Entrepreneurs get Results FAST.

I know how disappointing it is to work hard but not see the results you deserve.

Kamal El-Rassi is an award-winning author and speaker, a
Business & Leadership Coach, a "Proctor Gallagher Consultant certified in facilitating training in TIR", and is a coach with Loral Langemeier the Millionaire Maker.

Kamal has spent 25 years in professional Business Management and holds a bachelors and a masters degree in Chemical Engineering and Materials from the University of Toronto and an MBA
from Detroit Mercy and Xavier University. Most recently held the position of VP and GM for Republic Steel.


Kamal El-Rassi helps Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Managers to
start living a better life and multiply their income, getting them to start living freely to their full potential.

Kamal took a tax accountant and quadrupled his income,
helped a realestate agent 10X her investment, and most recently helped a Mary Kay sales consultant reach top #1 sales position out of million consultants.

I made the decision to do whatever it takes and not worry about what others think. Today, I have hundreds of people register for my seminars and events, I’ve spoken on stage in front of 1,000's people.

The results came when I focused on being of service, delivering value, and when I got into the mission of the message. STOP delaying and start TODAY on a journey of success, 30 days from now you will be a different person.

Begin Your Breakthrough.

Few coaches focus on the entire person.

With me, it’s a spiritual journey alongside relationships, health, and money.

It all starts with the mind - where we will use proven scientific principles to help you get more done in fewer hours and feel less stressed.

What celebrities and my mentor Loral Langemeier say about me!

Raymond Aaron

Leading Transformational Success Mentor, New York Times Best-Selling Author, & Publisher

"Kamal is someone who has definitely overcome a life-changing event and found a way into his own transformation. When he speaks you can sense that he has turned his life around; when you hear him speak you know there is something different, something resonates, what he is saying is true, even though you may not have heard it expressed in that way before. His vision is a world where everyone is doing their thing, living their life purpose, being happy doing it and feeling extraordinary."

Loral Langemeier

The Millionaire Maker

Kamal has joined the coach's group and is a Head of the Table member, where I guide and mentor him on his business assets and income strategies. Kamal has also taken on the role of the community keeper to educate and teach the group that masterminding, as Dale Carnegie puts it, "Is a key to achieving your goals with ease." Please read this book and apply its teachings to your life, as Kamal's teachings and education from Bob Proctor will help guide you easily to that next version of yourself."

Participant Disclaimer


*These thoughts are my own and are a curation of over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and coaching. I don't believe in "get rich" programs - only in creative work, adding value, and serving you at the highest level. The programs and coaching I offer are to help you grow your business and your database. As specified by law, I cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with my ideas, information, tools, or strategies. After all, it takes creative work to succeed in any business. Your results in these programs and coaching sessions are up to you and the amount of effort and resources you are willing to put into succeeding. I want to help you by providing great content, direction, and strategies to move your business forward. Nothing on this page or any of my websites is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and I do not offer any legal or tax advice. Any financial numbers referenced at any time or on any of my sites are estimates or projections and should not be considered exact, actual, or a promise of potential earnings—all numbers are illustrative only.

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